Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Smiles

Hello everyone!  It's a lovely Friday here.   I thought I'd join Annie for Friday Smiles.  To join in or see what others are smiling about click  HERE.

I have thirty one more days to work before my retirement!  I am so excited and a little scared.  I can't wait to have more time to do the things I enjoy.  Not working for the man anymore!
My new favorite mug.
I may have not mentioned that I took a sewing class.  I've had a machine for years and never brought it out!  I forced myself to do just that by taking a beginner class.  We made these pillowcases called Burrito Pillowcase.  It was so much fun.

I loved this fabric.  As you can see I was very proud!!
My first pillowcase!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting!  I'm hoping to start blogging on a regular basis - and hopefully keep it up this time.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Images of My Yard

I have been slowly getting comfortable in my new home.  I am almost settled except for my craft room.  You'd think that would be the first room to set up but it's the last.  I'm hoping to retire the end of July and I'm saving it for then.

In the meantime here's some images from my yard.  I have a pond with koi and goldfish.  It's so nice to sit by the stream and listen to the water.   I have deer visiting my yard on a regular basis.  The area behind my house is called "deer parkway" as it's how they move around the neighborhood when they aren't walking down the street.  It's so peaceful; I love it.
Beautiful iris

Hello Mr. Raven

Cherry tree blossoms
Vinca by the Pond

Can you see the deer?  
Koi and Goldfish
I'm lucky in that I have friends that help me maintain my yard.  It's more than what I'd be able to do on my own.  


Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Smiles

Hello everyone!  It's a lovely Friday here; oh, but I started the day with a dental appointment at 8:30 a.m.!  What was I thinking?!?  I thought I'd join Annie for Friday Smiles.  To join in or see what others are smiling about click  HERE.
I hope you all had a wonderful week and look forward to the weekend!  What better way than to see what makes others smile!  My dogs are still up to their antics but I won't bore you with more pics of them. 
This is my nephew playing on the varsity high school basketball team.  Yes, he's tall (6'3") and lean.  I wish I would have gotten a bit of that family gene as I'm 5'3" and vertically challenged!  I love watching him play.  Sometimes his feet get in his way.  He's a junior (11th grade) so I'll have one more year of watching him.  They won this game on Monday against an excellent rival.  Go Toppers!!

Go Number 42!! 

 And here's the funny part!  I couldn't resist this card.  I love the artwork and the saying had me laughing out loud.  I hope you can make it out.  If not "Hey..... I believe I've got your goat"  tee hee

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Hello everyone.  I'm joining in with Julia for WOYWW.  Go to her blog HERE  to join in the fun or have a good snoop at craft spaces all around the world!  Thank you, Julia, for bringing us all together!

I managed to get my rug turned around so the bottom drawers on my desk open up.  Yay!  I just had to move everything off the floor to do it.  Still slowly putting things away.

I took another class at Guadalupe Rubber Stamp Store. It was using stamping pads (not permanent) and markers to create a beginnings of a card.  I did a little masking, which I hadn't done a lot of before.
Can you tell it's a "she?"  I added a bit of pink to her cheeks!  I'll go back in and add something to the red plants.  

A cute little raccoon peeking around a planter.  Again, I need to add something to this one too.  The instructor started rushing us a half hour before the class was to end.  Wasn't happy about that as it was added pressure!  I hadn't done anything inky in a while and I didn't need to deal with THAT!

As always, I will visit those that end in the same number as me and those that leave a comment (please leave your number).   There was someone last week where I couldn't leave a comment - sorry, can't remember who it was.